About the AromaShapes Technique Program


Discover the Uplifting Power of AromaShapes 


AromaShapes Technique Program is a completely new concept and approach! 



AromaShapes is a Revolutionary path to natural body sculpting incorporating 

  • Breath controlled aromatherapy and a customized personal maintanence plan to help ensure permanent results
  • All natural protocol that actually improves health
  • Immediate body changes with ongoing results
  • A true, “hands-on” technique- no surgery, no drugs, no machines 

AromaShapes has a secret weapon

 the aromatic power of certified therapeutic grade essential oils –



AromaShapes can help change your self-image and motivate you to create a healthier lifestyle.


Some have already experienced these results:

  • Immediate reduction of inches, unlike body wraps, reduction is retained.
  • Improvement in appearance of cellulite
  • Reshaping of body contours
  • Breakthrough in weight reducing efforts
  • Pain relief and ph balancing
  • Relief from chronic edema in legs and/or arms

AromaShapes works by assisting the body in releasing expansive gases that become trapped in tissue and fat cells, causing the body to retain fluid and fat. As the pressure is cleared during this treatment, fluids are free to move and fat can be accessed for breakdown.


It is a unique combination of

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Application and Breathing Techniques


 Those who have experienced this technique are loving the immediate results!



  (Individual results will vary depending on individual's health status.)        


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