The AromaShapes Technique and Program was developed by Konnie Smith.  After attending a workshop presented by Atom Bergstrom, Konnie began to research concepts and experiment with practical applications to discover proof of the principles set forth in the books: "Yes, No Maybe - Chronobiotic Nutrition"  and "The Book of Bloat". For over a year, she worked with Marcella Vonn Harting, Atom Bergstrom and many volunteers on the development of this technique and the easy-to-follow home protocol. She developed specific skin brushing and reflexology techniques to support the process. She found that only the combination of  certain essential oils paired with timing of specific, controlled  breathing and application techniques produces this phenomenal result! The follow-up protocol was designed to help target and remove other weight reduction blocks.

Konnie has been a licensed massage therapist in the Phoenix area since 1992. A graduate of Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, she continued to study a variety of massage modalities and the use of essential oils. Her years of experience include working with chiropractors, medical doctors, spas, assisted living facilities, master massage therapists and aromatherapists. 

Her training includes but is not limited to: Neuricular Technique, Raindrop Technique, Reflexology, VitaFlex, Acupressure, Geriatric Massage, NMT, Center Balancing, Lymphatic Massage, Polarity, Medical Aromatherapy,  Facial Rejuvenation, Thai Herbal Stamping and a variety of Body Wraps. 

She attended both the 2008 and 2009 International Conference on Essential Oils Science and Natural Medicine  at the Nova Vita Center for Natural Medicine in Guayaquil, Ecuador.