" Just wanted to say thanks again for the great training! I am booked solid for almost a month with AST appointments. Word has traveled very quickly about this great service! - Angie


"I just completed Week One of the AromaShapes Program on a friend this morning and she reduced by 10 7/8 inches! She was excited to see and feel the reshaping that occurred. Thanks again!" -  Amy 


"..Again I am totally amazed at what this technique has done for me!" - Andrea


Thanks....Loving AromaShapes in the Midwest..word is spreading quickly and so is the excitement as the inch loss is real!   -Sandy R.
After attending her first AromaShapes Program Workshop, Jane C. sent this message: "I had my second session this past Saturday and dropped about 2 more inches.  Did not increase from the 1st session.  After the session, my legs felt really light and flexible.  I felt 10-15 years younger.  Was able to sit in a yoga position for 45 min. with no pain.  I did my first session on my husband, and he dropped 4 3/8 inches.  He wants to know where it went.  :)"
A recent AromaShape Program Workshop participant says:  I was thrilled with the initial 17.25 inch reduction and felt so wonderful after it was finished.  I have checked upon arriving home and had lost 4 lbs which was more thrilling and this morning my sugar reading was 40-45 points below what it has been all last week - is that awesome or what? My husband is very supportive and says he can really see the difference!  I am so excited about this and know in my heart it is right, will work and be a blessing to so many who need it!   - Dee W
My massage therapist introduced me to the AromaShape Program and I was AMAZED! During the massage I was skeptical of what the results would really be. Afterwards I was astonished as to how many inches I lost in every area she worked! My clothes were much looser and I felt great. I felt light and energized. I would highly recommend this treatment for “inch loss"!  -Sandy N


After my first AromaShape Technique session, I had reduced by a total of six inches and there was a significant difference in the way the tissue felt in my abdomen and thighs. I could definately see the difference in my body shape. Second session I lost another three inches for a total of nine inches! I have maintained the looseness of clothing. I have the  feeling of being softer. I am not bloated like I was before.  Ankles have been noticeably smaller and not as swollen as they had been. By the third session, co-workers started commenting on how good I look and how much weight I have lost!      -Jan D. 
I had been working out regularly and getting results everywhere but my stomach. I was skeptical about AromaShape Program but decided to give it a try.  Three measurements were taken from my abdomen before the application.  As the Essential Oils were applied and the process began, I could feel the difference right away. After the session, the tape measure showed that I had reduced by 2 1/2 inches in my waist alone!  When I put on my slacks, I had to tighten my belt two notches. I was quite impressed! The basic protocol for home is easy and I have released seven pounds this week. I can't wait for my next session!  -Richard L.
My boyfriend and I are going on a cruise and I wanted to get rid of the cellulite I had on the back of my thighs.  I was amazed that the first treatment made so much difference and now that I have finished the series of three I am actually very excited about AromaShape Technique. My legs look great, it has made such an improvement with so little time and effort. I have been telling my friends and family about it!     -Angela B
I am 21 and in good physical shape but had a little extra weight around the middle that I couldn't seem to get rid of.  When I decided to try the AromaShape Technique, I was very happy with the results. With the first treatment I reduced by one inch from the chest, waist and the lower abdomen.  I have since quit drinking carbonated beverages and it has not returned.  -Lee S.


* Individual results will vary according to each individual's health status.

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